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Registration has now been completed for Chelsea's Angels - Charity No 1134277

Chelsea's last wish to her parents was that they help all the other poorly children. The charity will look to help other children with rare cancers primarily NEUROBLASTOMA. Helping to ease the financial and emotional stresses families are under. New website under construction

Please link to the online petition and sign, we really need to get our government to do more regarding this rare and aggressive childhood cancer. Thank you

Sad News - Sunday 9 August 2009
It is with deep sadness that we let you know dearest Chelsea lost her brave and courageous battle with this cruel disease. She passed away with mummy, daddy and big sister Shannon by her side and surrounded by family and close friends on Sunday 9 August at 11.00am.

The bravest little girl you will ever have met taken way too soon from her loving family. Always had a smile, a true little fighter and so gorgeous.

RIP now little angel, love and miss you always xxx

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Chelsea's website was set up to help her family raise funds for alternative treatments that have been known to supress the cancer and decrease Chelsea's chances of side effects whilst on Chemotherapy. Then ultimately fund treatment with larger survivial rates which is only available abroad. More information can be found on the Neuroblastoma page. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and the disease took over Cheslea's little body.

In memory of Cheslea and to stop this heartbreak happening to another family, Chelsea's family want to carry on raising funds. They hope to register as a charity as soon as possible and assist other families in this fight.

Next Event Due

We have a facebook group with over 3900 members, please take a look and post your comments with ideas of how to help.

If anyone has any events that you are doing for Chelsea, please get in touch with the details and we will post the event on the Events Page. We can also add it to the Facebook group where we have over 4500 members. They will all get an invite to the event. Thank you

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