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Hello, my name is Chelsea Paige Knighton. My mummy & daddy are Emma and Andrew and I have an 8 year old sister called Shannon.

I am 3years old and have been fighting this disease since November 2007.

I have stage 4, Neuroblastoma - one main primary tumour in my tummy and 4 more, in my thigh, pelvis, hip and upper arm.

This is me on my 2nd birthday, 2 months before I was diagnosed. But Mummy and Daddy were worried that something was wrong for a while. About a month before I was diagnosed we were on holiday and doing lots of walking all day, every day, my legs were aching all the time. Mummy thought it was just all the exercise.

A few weeks later my knees began to hurt and I started falling over a lot, mummy was worried. I then got a temperature so Mummy took me to the drs who said it was probably a urine infection. He took a sample and said to go back if I did not improve. I didn't so we went back and he gave me some medicine.

I took my medicine but still didn't feel better. I didn't want to eat anything, I was tired and Mummy and Daddy thought I looked a yellowly colour so after calling the dr, I had to go to the local hospital. The dr said he could feel a lump in my tummy so I had a scan. Then I was referred to another hospital for more tests.



That is where my journey began, Leicester Royal Infirmary - Ward 27 became my new home. I had to have lots of tests and 6 December 2007, Mummy & Daddy were told I had a very rare type of cancer called Neuroblastoma.

I began chemotherapy as my tumour was too big to operate on and then after had stem cell treatment. In May 2008, the drs decided to try an remove my tumour but they could only take away a small part as it was wrapped around my bowel and other internal organs. I then had another course of chemotherapy.

In July 2008, I was finally allowed to go home, which was brilliant to see my sister again as I missed her so much. I was able to see all my family all the time now and play with my toys in my own house.

A few months later though, drs found I had four more tumours in my little body. I had to begin another course of chemotherapy in October, which mummy and daddy wanted to do as an outpatient. They wanted me to lead as normal life as possible and not be stuck in hospital again.

Mummy & Daddy also decided to start me on an organic diet - homeopathic medicines - air and water filters were installed into our house and they bought an infra red sauna which takes toxins out of my body. So I now had my own little tardis, just like Dr Who !!! From this decision, they wanted to start fundraising to pay for the alternative treatments and ultimately pay for treatment that was only available in other countries.

Research by my Nanny had found out very little was known in the UK about Neuroblastoma, but pioneering treatments were available in countries such as USA and Mexico. Treatment here only offered a 20% survival rate, in these countries it was more like 60%. So they felt this was more likely to be the path we would have to follow to get me better.


The fundraising continued, and I continued my chemotherapy. In February 2009, after having some more scans, Mummy & Daddy were told the chemo had not managed to shrink my tumours. The drs and my parents agreed to stop the chemotherapy for 2 months, so we now had to keep our fingers crossed that my tumours do not get any bigger.

However, if they do........there isn't much more that can be done for me !!!!

This makes me very sad and I know Mummy, Daddy & Shannon are hurting too.

14th May 2009, Mummy and Daddy were told the chemo had not worked as 3 of my 5 tumours are still growing and I now have another tumour. But I feel well, have a healthy appetite, lots of energy. We just don't understand.

A few weeks after this news, I started to feel a bit poorly again, I didn't feel like eating or drinking, I had pain in my tummy. But we thought it was just a blip and once I started eating again, we could get back on track. But I just didn't feel well enough.

Mummy and Daddy noticed aswell, my face had dropped on one side, like I'd had a stroke. So it was decided to get another scan done to see what was going on. Its very sad now, I have another tumour on my brain, there are cells forming at the base of my skull indicating another tumour growing.

I am very tired at the moment, but so want to do the things my sister and friends are doing. I try so hard to join in, but then I feel very worn out and need to sleep for a bit. Mummy and Daddy are so sad, please I hope after reading this you feel you can help us, we need to find the funds to get me to America. I don't like seeing my parents and Shannon sad, I want us all to be happy again, before this horrible disease came into my life.