Cherish Chelsea Fund
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We are very grateful to everyone that has helped with this appeal, from those that have organised events down to people that have donated items for our raffles, given their time to help out at an event or just spreading the word of our appeal.

This page will feature links to businesses that helped our appeal, organisations and any special thanks

Both Booker Distribution and Fundraising 4 Charity have been our main supporters to our appeal. Booker began helping by holding a Family Fun Day back in September for their employees and managed to raise £2000. They have continued to raise funds for us since. Fundraising 4 Charity chose Chelsea as one of their appeals to support and have hosted many events, including tabletop sale, quiz night and pantomine. They recently presented a cheque for £4000 to the appeal which was absolutely brilliant.

Booker 702km Sponsored Bike Ride
Four guys from Booker decided that they would cycle from their Hatfield depot up to Haydock, then on to Livingston and back to Wellingborough to raise funds for Chelsea's appeal.

Sadly Chelsea has passed away, but they still found the determination to carry on with this event and we thank them so much. Please find updates of their journey and pictures.

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Sunday 30 August 2009

The team left Wellingborough at 6.15am this morning to drive down to Hatfield DC to start the ride. They successfully completed 100 miles today, despite getting soaking wet! The mileage is less each day the rest of the week but that is only because the hills get steeper!

Please show your support and admiration for what the guys are doing by visiting the and donating to the appeal. Ever penny counts so even if you can spare just a £1 it will be very greatly received

Monday 31 August 2009

The cyclists continued to make good progress on Monday, again covering all the planned mileage from Weeford in the midlands to Haydock just outside Liverpool.

The team made it to Haydock DC where one of the drivers there, Colin Dalgleish, has been doing charity BBQ's and various other events to support the team and has raised a £1000 just through his support & that of the rest of the colleagues in Haydock. Colin also did a BBQ Monday night to feed the team. Massive thanks to them all but particularly Colin.

The day was not without a few mishaps, on top of all the rain! Gary took a tumble but fortunately his fall was broken by a nice hedge in the front garden he landed in!John also had a fall but again fortunately was unharmed apart from some grazes.

There was good news to cheer the team up though as Ray & John became Grandad/Uncle for the first time! Congratulations to their daughter/sister on the safe arrival of her little girl.

Tuesday 1 September 2009

A Difficult & long day for the guys today, couple of problems with the bikes with punctures and things, along with yet more rain. They have perservered though and after leaving Haydock at 7.45am they made it to Kendal for 6.30pm.

The next two days will be the toughest for the team because although the mileage per day is lower the going is tougher with all the hills. For those of you who have ever driven over Shap Summit in a car on the M6, you can imagine how tough that is going to be on a bike!

Wednesday 2 September 2009

Today was a good day despite the weather. The lads were dreading the Shap incline and they weren't sure where it started. So off they went up a very very steep hill in preparation of the biggy, to find it was actually the one they had just done. Result!

This gave them such a lift that they made really good time and they have done an additional 10 miles into tomorrow's planned ride. So it should give them a good start in the morning.

No further injuries, thankfully, only very achy muscles.

After a recent article in the Daily Mail, we were contacted by a family wanting to help as they knew what is was like to be in our position. We were very touched by their story and wanting to help.

Howard Harding and his wife, Sue run a trust fund called Lydia`s Legacy. It is solely for children to receive alternative cancer treatment in the Oasis of Hope clinic, Tijuana Mexico. Lydia was their lovely daughter who had osteosarcoma and after conventional treatment, chemo and surgery, unfortunately then suffered from tumours in both her lungs. At this point lydia refused more invasive treatment and found out about the treatment in Mexico. Although it was too late to save her it gave her a longer life and very good quality.

The money raised was three times more than needed so since her death they have been sponsoring children now for several years.

The hospital offering treatment in Mexico is different to the one Lydia's family used, but offers the same kind of alternative non-invasive treatments. So after reading about our appeal they decided they wanted to make a donation of which we are truely grateful. Their daughter would be so proud of all their hard work to help other children in the same position they found themselves in.