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Read Full Article August 2008

This is where our appeal began in our local evening paper. Unfortunately the amount was wrong, it should have stated £200,000 for treatment in America. Sam Knighton pictured with Chelsea, her aunty, had her hair shaved to raise funds for the hospital ward in Leicester. This was before we realised we would need to raise funds for Chelsea's treatment.

<!--R1C1--> Tuesday 26 May 2009

Another tabletop sale took place on Saturday 23 May 2009 at the Tithe Barn. Because of the success last year, thought we would try again and we had so many items left over. It was decided to raise funds for both Chelsea and her cousin, Zachary who also has been diagnosed with the same disease.

Monday 13 June 2009

Daily Mail Article

Thursday 23 July 2009 Booker Bike Ride